Hi, I’m Sarah Williams Leng.

Sarah has been practicing as an evaluator and researcher for almost 15 years and holds a Masters in Applied Sociology and a Certified Associate in Project Management.

I coach individuals and facilitate group learning that builds on existing and soon-to-be-discovered data and evaluation skills. I partner with social impact organizations and initiatives to develop their data strategy and build useful and insightful data collection and reporting systems. I have experience in the evaluation of a diverse range of programs and initiatives, including those in public health and social services.

What you should know about me:

As a reflection of my values of equity and social justice, I use participatory and empowerment approaches so that communities are centered and their voices and contributions highlighted throughout the data process. I embed learning culture principles into every group I work with.

With an appreciative inquiry approach, I will guide discussions that highlight the resources already present in your community and the opportunities to leverage strengths and collaborate.

Programs and initiatives are not static; they are part of a larger whole. I use systems thinking and principles in my approach to capture these components and connections. This includes understanding and incorporating the root causes of social injustice and racial inequality.

Professional Memberships

I’m a member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and the Washington Evaluators AEA affiliate. I’m also a member of the Project Management Institute Delaware Valley Chapter (PMI-DVC).

When I’m not evaluating

When I’m not evaluating…

You will likely find me with my family. I love to garden, craft, and read nonfiction and historic fiction. I’m a lifelong learner and remain curious about people and society.

You will likely