Data Visualization and Reporting

You need accurate and relevant data to inform decision making. You need clear communication of the results, so that the right conclusions can be drawn from the data points.

Reporting and data visualization is not a one-stop shop. Depending on the audience and need, there are multiple options for your team to discover.

Consider me your guide in this discovery.

Ensure participant voice is threaded throughout the process and your community has the opportunity to give feedback at every stage of the process.

I use techniques meant to engage and receive insight, and communicate findings to the community.

The data should tell a story and highlight key patterns and insights. I can support this by:

*Designing insightful reports

*Building informative dashboards

*Creating appealing visuals

*Facilitating feedback sessions

*Provide training in these techniques

I’m a life-long learner, particularly when it comes to effectively communicating data. I’ve gained many data viz skills from the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy. This community continues to provide a wealth of knowledge and support.